Memories are made of This – The Gaze




A demand is made through direct gaze when a figure gazes directly out of the media text at the viewer, demanding a response. It involves a character-model making eye contact with the viewer, and establishing a personal connection in the viewer’s mind. – Advertisement Appeals



I went down to the St. James Infirmary,

I saw my baby there

She’s laid out on a cold white table

So, so cold, so white, so fair.

St. James Infirmary



9 thoughts on “Memories are made of This – The Gaze

    1. When composing these pieces I started with a metal surface created from shots of a baking pan. The portrait was a scan of an ad from Vanity Fair Magazine 2013 with other bits of paper. The textile element comes from an image of a piece of 17th century English textile that was shared on a museum site. 🙂
      For that last image I wanted it to suggest a photo image on cloth, like the Shroud of Turin.

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