Complex Sentences

A complex sentence has

One Independent Clause


at least one dependent clause.


After reading the cleaning instructions,

use the broom and mops,

that are standing in the corner.

Remember to read the fine print.


A complex sentence has one independent clause


at least one dependent clause.

I always wanted a horse,


I should have been

more specific.

Hi-HO Comma, Away !

A complex thought has one independent claw


at least one dependent claw.

Sometimes a comma is used

to separate claws.

# Claws, clause,cause, cuz, comma, cruise


A calm plexi-sentence has one independent cause


at least one dependent cause, B.


sitting on the Bench,

writing haiku – cuz complex,

just a thought or two.


6 thoughts on “Complex Sentences

    1. 🙂

      The economic conditions have had an impact on language. Many clauses are unable to leave home and are still dependent.

      1. A semi-colon might help ease the transition from dependence to independence. But it’d be hard if there wasn’t more than two, ah, sense to rub together …

      2. Even sadder are those young clauses trying to build a long term paragraph. All the stress from financial worries and it breaks down. Who will get custody of the prepositions ?
        Have I digressed ? 🙂

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