Asemic Cinema: Run-A-Way Bus

Welcome to the Asemic Cinema, where opening  shots& titles tell a different story from the one passing before your eyes. This week’s classic comes from a time & place that once was/will be.  It is a re-write of  The Runaway Bus (1954), a British Mystery-Comedy – please note that the sub-titles have been deconstructed to find alternative meaning.


Conversation finds

travellers seeking motion

commotion in lines.



7 thoughts on “Asemic Cinema: Run-A-Way Bus

    1. Frankie Howerd and Margaret Rutherford are in the last one. Howerd also appears in the second one. All the actors in this Asemic Comedy give a mesmerizing performance. 😀

    1. Many thanks. I was looking for ways to use the Asemic compositions with other Mass Media. I may eventually try to create a short movie piece . 😀

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