work toqether per son , pi ace

work toqether

per son , pi ace


Jly man,

but when……


John appo cameras around,

whole time occasion,



scoping out getting together –

ve 1°ns’ t^irimself –

official little furone eye looking

quite anotheitential subjects.






Talking head, pasty






But When ….. ?



 John APO – camera,



All the way,

Even number Coverage collection –


Formally 1 itself


Please look at the eyes of a small fre-on……..

Very offensive topics.


Large numbers of Red,

suddenly cooperation under the Near East


You talk about entertainment…..


The camera only Jlyn and …

participate horn &


All the low-flow devices,



Absorption Method ID number

emergency cover.




Let’s take a look at the conditions……

Slightly heart, if you are open to the mood of the clowns on the other side of the door –




2 thoughts on “work toqether per son , pi ace

    1. The Dancing Dada ist X-plor Ring ver Ball of The Concerts . It was all fun and promenades until someone slips past a participle. 😀

      The first sequence of text comes from the asemic collage. I then ran it through Google translate making changes in other languages, in which I have Lexia or Lingistica . Out of disorder implied/imposed meaning & context. 😀

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