Sciemment Appetite:

simple and easy to define omnivore knowingly.


French Voters on Sunday

the first round (perpetual canon )

of democratic voices,

now it is saturated waves ……


ready to change –

the political system

of the Mourning Selection

moves away from the ocean.

Never mind Who – Truth

actually won more votes

in the first round.


Described as storming –

Front National

crashes against facts……..


Only recently –

culturally/economically protectionist –

denied French involvement

rounding-up of Jews……….

waving goodbye, 

trampled petals

damp with tears.


Reminiscing –

dismissing the Holocaust –

as a “detail” of history.

The Devil is in the Details.

Reading rigid broken lines –

details seep through,

weeping birds on sighing wings.


Glancing at many British papers  –


would make us think

who is the victor –

the preferred candidate –

when in fact it looks like a shoo-in

for mixed messages

( Source Link )



……described as

simply culturally/economically protectionist –

she speaks of a clash of civilizations…….

angry waves- fearful ignorance

crashes on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


The tacit support

from rightwing press

alarming flights, fanciful fears –

for a fascist ……….


simply culturally/economically protectionist –

speaks of a clash of civilizations…….


angry waves of fearful ignorance

crash on stony shorelines,

frothy teeth try to consume

smooth hard truths .


devouring knowledge with ignorance, knowingly fearful.

An important distinction

between patriotism and nationalism

the waves hit shorelines

carrying voices of lost

travellers – refuge

a last gasp in salt water –

borders marked by shells-bones,

mothers’ tears, babies’ cries.

You can love your country

without it becoming

a racist anti-immigrant Party,

trampling fragile flowers.


Frigid beliefs melted,

exposed truth,

currents influence movement

it was possible –

today/yesterday/when .


2 thoughts on “Sciem-vore

  1. Your words can’t be too strongly put to counter the lies and false promises made by extremists, especially those currently of the far right persuasion. Your well-chosen links point up the traps laid for the unwary who follow such siren voices.

    If only our utterances didn’t feel as though we’re preaching to the converted. My fear is that righteous anger so engendered will be a barrier to non-violent engagement and possible winning over of those loosely adhering to the politics of hatred.

    1. Yes, the main problem with individual access to publishing/communicating using the various forms of social media is that instead of engaging in conversations about different ideas, we narrow-cast by only engaging in conversations with like minded individuals.

      In many ways we must still rely on the Free Press, in spite of their business interests, to confront Power with Truth. The only advantage we have in democratic countries is it is still very hard for guys at the top to totally control the message. If they misstep, can not lineup their ducks to present the same message and end up with conflicting statement ( their alternative facts ), then the journalists are all over them.

      Interesting observations on the news front – even the dictionaries are issuing corrections on the use of language by Trump and his ilk.
      – far right groups in the U.S.A. are squabbling amongst themselves because they can agree on their “shared belief & values”, in direct physical conflict at demonstrations.

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