Holiday Photoze: Imaginary Wall


Having fantastic time.  Stopped to see the Great Imaginary Wall.  It is beautifully huge in a very big way.  Every part is unique and you never see the same piece twice. These pictures do not do it justice – so much justice here.  We will be heading back the Rod Serling Omni-Route and onto the Moebius Strip at the Roswell Parallel  Interchange, once we get the GPS working.



8 thoughts on “Holiday Photoze: Imaginary Wall

  1. I love observing political landscapes from above.

    Especially when gliding noiselessly, dangling from my paranoia, catching updrafts from current affairs.

    It’s when I land on the ground that I see how ugly and disfigured it really is.

    1. Thanks very much. I thought of the various versions of the song, this one was especially effective in combination with my images & text. 🙂

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