Covfefe – Notation & Configuration

He met her on the Isle of Covfefe,

Beneath the shade of Jovxexe tree.

She had a gold Xovjiji on her finger,

And he knew she understood international relations

way better than he.





This where my mind goes late at night, contemplating the asemic memes that escape into the ether of the Implied Spaces of the Internet & Social media. At least I do not have access to a big button or I would be drinking even more Diet Coke than is good for me. On a totally different note, a raccoon made it into our veranda – Spring has arrived. Hope you enjoyed the tango & music of the night. 


13 thoughts on “Covfefe – Notation & Configuration

  1. Oh, man, with this post you blew a hole in an old myth, that this is a Slovenian Partisan song, born in the fight against Fascism in the WWII. In Slovenian, the lyrics are about a girl sowing a red star who is heard by a Partisan who fights for “golden freedom”. And look at us now. Covfefe indeed. Here is one of the million versions there are:

      1. I realise now that I had the song wrong. It’s even more of a steal. This is how Slovenian revolutionaries arranged this tango, here in a modern version by “Rock Partisans”. It starts with: “In silent woods by the camp fire, heroes are singing a quiet song about the suffering of Slovenian people who are fighting for their freedom.” I’ll soon post about it and link to here.

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