Perspective – placed after the verb in the sentence we speak & write






8 thoughts on “Perspective – placed after the verb in the sentence we speak & write

  1. Uncanny how reading, writing, speaking, can be visualized in such a way like this, its really give you the impression of inspirational though and the processes inherent to the imagination.

    1. Thanks very much Paul. The asemic art helps break down the lines ( oops pun) between visual and textual meaning. The brain is forced to reconfigure the information as it crosses between different channels of communication and then supply contextual connections. Everyone will get a different message. 🙂

      BTW When I visit your SciFi blog my security software keeps sending me a message that the contacted server ( can not be certified as accurate. Have no idea what it means, but I noticed a couple of British sites are setting off that or a similar message. Do not know if there is anything you can do about it. 🙂

      1. Thank you for brining that to my attention. Will look into it, no one has mentioned it before. Is it when you go to my site, or when you click the link to something in the blogrole – which is where that site is listed on my website. I heard some security notifications have been altered by google ect, so that might be why.

      2. It shows up as soon as I arrive at your sight. I assume that like other things that run in the background ( like our icon gravatars ) the security software just scans & recognizes that the certificate is either false or out of date.

        You are in good company, a similar situation is now occurring on The New York Times site – I a guess it is another certificate that has not gotten updated. 🙂

        The real problem is those who are uncertain or unfamiliar with the site may be scared off.

      3. Yes, that might be because I’m not a .com, mine is just a basic WordPress. I think google / firefox exct have changed security certificate criteria or something. I will have to look into it. You mention it says Tone Cartoons, I’ve removed these links from the blogrole, hopefully that might help. Either way, thank your for brining this to my attention. It may have something to do with images as well like with gravatars as you say. I’ll have to get a friend – who has more tech no how than me – to check this out. If the NY Times are having the same problem, I’m certainly in good company. If I didn’t have a free WordPress site I’m guessing the site certificate would be ok, IE if I paid and upgraded to a full WordPress account.

      4. I just checked and it deffinitely was the Tone Cartoons links. My security software is no longer showing a warning message.
        The NYT & The Washington Post must have a shared rnys link that has the same issue because they started showing the same warning a couple of days ago – another certificate that is not updated. 😉

      5. That’s good to hear. Thanks for checking again. I removed the link in the blogrole and one of the adds for that site. I had no idea it was causing a problem. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I’m very grateful. Good your link to the NY times also alerted them too 🙂

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