Fang nally stopped

Fang nally stopped

to smell the glam-glories.

Fang nally stopped

the glisten-garbells

worbelling wang tethers.


Fang nally stopped

crimson parry-gibble

over the vermilion.

Fang nally stopped

chiz-bella petals

corner cinnabar chromatic chic.

Fang nally stopped

again fin-icicle fesh-fibbons

by mily persons peri-finite.


Fang nally stopped…………….


16 thoughts on “Fang nally stopped

    1. Actually this was inspired/influenced by a bit of Willy Wonka speech amongst other things. If you look at the enlargement of the images, especially the first two, you will see on the left side where the broken text “Fang nally stopped” shows up in in various angles/arrangements.

      I chose that repeating line as the title of the pieces and went from there. πŸ˜€

      1. Roald Dahl was a fangtastick originator of idiosyncratic words, and I believe there may even be guidebooks or dictionaries listing the innovatory phrases found in his books.

    1. More accident – I’ve been listening to Word of Mouth and The Verb online BBC radio, plus jumping between novels, The City & The City, and The Rise of The Iron Moon (Stephen Hunt’s steampunk adventure tale). My linguistic vary-belles are gone-zwally-tutooz. πŸ˜€

      Actually if you look at the enlargements , especially the first two images, you will see on the left that “Fang nally stopped” repeats in various arrangements/angles. Reminded me of some Willy Wonka lines and grew from there. πŸ˜€

      1. Many thanks, I was not aware of that version. Somewhere in my stack of teacher handouts I have a version of Goldilocks that is even more scrambled than than his. It was useful for instructing teachers about dyslexia and the reading process. As you read or listened to it being read it gradually become understandable because of prior knowledge. The knowledgeable/experienced reader would be able to decode & interpret based on their experience & understanding. Those lacking prior experience would find it scrambled & indecipherable in the same way an individual with learning disabilities struggled to process information. πŸ™‚

    1. So true, Especially in today’s current political climate – which is changing bigly by-the-way, but they are “denaying” it . Just a bunch of braying denayers on the flim-flamicle- tweezes. πŸ™‚

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