Planet of The Texturians : Lines of Communication

The Planet of the Texturians  opens the lines of communication. They worship the Word and the Line, but few can find their way to their intricate interpretations of perception and constructed realities. 

Pages & Maps: Archival  Reports

Soft Phonemes flash by-

making hard Morphemes tremble,

a gentle rain falls –

thoughts pool up clear reflections,

ripples expand directions.


A Cartography of Thoughts from other spheres can be used to find a type of meaning in uncertainty.  There are shorelines that touch Memory; this is where Time translates Experience into foreign tongues. Hyper-Temporal drift  creates parallel identities. Which One is the I ?



Are smiles damaged – was transfusion ?

And then,….. before stool house,

lightning hounds cry.


Sleeps too, my doctor frozen,

they think wool stones with known woods,

A Jacobian opinion –


farmhouse horse, nose village,

tool twine tools –

ashes sorts One Sleep –

evening,…. eyes broken,

modify, respectable I am;

A Transformation Theatre……



Between,….. often these wings,

then get sand off;

Go two up, Fate Green –

some soften his years,

as a starry vegetable woods.


{ Sadly this  intercept was beyond their orbit, now arises the uncertainty of simile vectors on the waves of a sudden discourse. Perhaps the tachyon ships will arrive at a point of singularity,… if their metaphor propulsion engines are intact.}


In the garage don’t stand,

Only Silence before Behaviour Lakes.


Snow miles out-numbered stiff vagabond;

Go knee woods of bells;

Calls shaken torn bands perfectly –

it watched it in a thesis of her darkest skin.


Sins are stopping by the scales;

Assume full-soul-song;

Toe just is so.


3 thoughts on “Planet of The Texturians : Lines of Communication

    1. Many thanks. I had a folder of Texturian compositions for sometime and was contemplating several approaches to a text accompaniment. Something about those last stanzas in your post seemed like an interesting point of entry. I ran the verses through online translation and Dada modification software. Then I started building a context from there. I actually have another verse set . I ran some of my finished elements through the process again – Dada translated into Geek 😀 .

      I also revisited the initial set of images in terms of the text and ended up modifying some , as well as generating more of them . It will be interesting to see where the text goes and how it moves from the original elements provided in your stanzas. The random elements of the translations & the Dada fragmentation creates unexpected turns & inspirations. 🙂

      1. Yes, I am very intrigued by “random” processes and the role of serendipity and juxtaposition and happy accident in art and writing, the more so since my inclination is to order everything and keep it restrained, in the rest of my life (for relaxation, cleaning out a closet just can’t be beat, in my book, if you see what I mean). So I love what you are doing and following the paths it takes. Like when I go for a run in the woods and let myself choose the trail intersections at random, a very freeing sensation.

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