Collages of Implied Space: 1-3


Process: After creating a series of collages on the scanner bed , I further blended and manipulated the pieces digitally. Collages are an excellent example of Necro-media. This is the Mass Media Principle that  a medium can be consumed by another medium and turned into Media content.

Collage in particular takes advantage of context, constructed reality ,and implied space to deconstruct meaning and social expectations.  For this reason it was a very effective tool/technique of the Dadaists movement .


5 thoughts on “Collages of Implied Space: 1-3

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much Bill. 🙂 Digital text offers us the opportunity to create new forms of media & media content that range from the Twitter version of Romeo & Juliet to blogs that can be a blend of video, audio, images together with a variety of prose & poetic forms.

      It is unfortunate that more individuals and groups are not exploring the wider possibilities offered by new media technologies & digital platforms.

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