Asemic Notes on Mass Media Theory: Dadaist Dialogue 1

[ A Social Media Construct Derived from Spam Comments, with inter-collutions from Marshall McLuhan’s ghost-fragment.]


Christians of the Metro! Leave !

(was born? I can dare? … them ?)



It’s like it ….. will be the legacy reminder –

Also called the Antenna Effect.


Is there anyone who made a song night-mediation or an allegorical-African decision?



Sayaka Papiti Pan Palan Kaya Yandi Daddy Diskies.



The capital for the scissors’ subliminal echo chambers continues in the service of many of the last in the generation of the Wolf  free-birth.


What man is her Chinaware church ?

This minute is for a thin depression in love;

call the mender of ambulations


………then hone the People of Speech.




For a fancy woman, do you know all the reasons for the miles?






Diplomacy is a result –

On horizon’s far corners,

and it is guided by love.



Or thanks, Eibtisch frem – thanks from the desk; this erewhon muse is the transforming power of mass media. It is an indicator of the bias/construction that per-existent communication technology drapes over a society. We must then ask ourselves this question

“Do you want to restart your birthplace?” We must also consider the place in social interaction for the dauhitra vector triangulation.



They are that group – the many of the last in the generation

that choose sleep beside ideology?



Oh, Yes – against Human transfiguration and the vernacular tongue of our central nervous system, and then, …… limited capital in the words.



Green-born will be the legacy reminder. Did you miss a title of a song ? Don’t worry – you can find out at cbc playlogs.


Muse Sun is sleeping?

– people who He and the season?

is it a decision ?





In morning of the detribalized, and the literate west’s quantum convergence, is born imagination’s extraordinary new shape – entering now are the technologies of communication, or she will be able to ascend to her total Wolf free-birth (the tribal stigmata of her unpleasant tour of their radio privacy) .





For her, as I am a handwriting, I only sleep –

Dreaming by the fire,

walking in a winter wonderland

as enchantment pours out of digital doors.



…..And those strangers in the fire ?


Constant Crackdown, with equally dead Thebes – provides glimpses of ideas in the form of characters on an internalized stage; A house, the ear is hyperesthetic compared to the neutral eye.



Putting loving lovers to use, like a page to record his thoughts, it is difficult to explain society’s indifference to the social effects of mass media’s salt-water taffy flow of internal experience of The OtherChoose.



The refusal of kindness –

I hear “because? and maybe I am tough”.

Layers on it are Modal Miles to me,

just as parting partridge participles participate

in recording our common awareness


a new total of shared human experience –

we are Inside opportunity !


Alas, Only if we are metronomes to the memes.





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