Asemic Tarot Cards

Asemic Tarot 1 – Intersection Tooshna#-bib0ski-c/ha



Asemic Tarot 2 – Roar chah!k perogies


Asemic Tarot 3 – Oregano Anishinabe &*^


Asemic Tarot 4 – Basilikatata Vectorible ᐅᒃᐱᒃ-urgnto*?h

Asemic Tarot Background & Uses


Asemic Tarot cards are distinctive in non-being. There is no accurate meaning/interpretation for any card, nor is there any formal layout. The ranking is capricious, as is the size and shape; they do not fit any standard. The names are a blend of real and alternative languages using a mix of cultures and symbols. For example, ᐅᒃᐱᒃ is an example of the Inuktitut constructed script.


Note that the back/front side of the cards are comparable to an inner side of a Schrödinger box. You won’t know what it is until – see it, perhaps.

The most often displayed sides can be used for kitchen sink clairvoyance or getting rid of earworm melodies. They are effective tools in holistic detection of random events and objects, as well as helpful in remembering words/names you forgot you knew. They can also be arranged to present a possible map/chart to something or other, maybe.

The cards are very effective at anticipating/remembering alternative timelines, and ruptures in Hypertime or Déjà vu. It is best to record any insights using Doodles, Surrealist Automatism or Glossolalia.



6 thoughts on “Asemic Tarot Cards

  1. All right, couldn’t resist a quick look. First of all, they are beautiful. And what comes to my mind is, well, I can make my own fortune, and yet the cards are guiding me, even though I can’t exactly hear them perfectly, I’m getting the idea, which is coming from where? Inside me? The air? Other sources? I really like this idea that they will behave differently with each person in a cryptic kind of way. Reading this over, I sound a little confused. Oh well, that cards can do that, too??!!

    1. elmediat

      The cards are very good at revealing the confusion of choices and random realities. 😀

      Actually the real Tarot present guidelines, trends, and pathways that open & focus your choices. Not what will happen, but what may happen & you have a heads up .

      If you look at the Tarot Celtic Cross layout (Eden Gray version) with the eyes of an English Lit teacher what see is a combination of a protagonist profile and basic plot outline. The cards provide a imagery, symbols and details to layer into the narrative. You could use the layout and random set of cards to act as prompt for a story ( prose/verse) – just watch out for synchronicity.

      * I have not found an exact version online as in Gray’s book, if you would like to see it I will post it on the blog. 🙂

      1. I’d be interested. I have recently purchased a set of Tarot cards and read a couple of books, I’m interested in it as a way of focusing and concentrating on my own thoughts and wants (I have a lot of trouble saying no or disentangling my own feelings from those I feel from other people around me). I’ve also thought the same thing about narrative – that is what appealed to me about the subject, the infinite variety of stories the cards can generate, no matter what you think about their prophetic or advisory abilities.

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