test driving




6 thoughts on “test driving

    1. elmediat

      When The African Lion Safari started up in Ontario 1969, my dad took the family. There was a car in front with luggage on the luggage rack. 😀 People in other cars kept trying to tell those folks that the baboons open the suitcases. They figured it out when one baboon jumped on the hood holding up a prize – a pair of undies. 😀

      BTW Having a problem with WordPress. I can no longer click a like and get it to stick. Shows like but disappears and won’t register. Sent word to Word – no reply yet. Have you heard of any problems ?

      1. I had a very similar problem a few years ago, comments I wrote on other blogs I followed disappeared. Like you I messaged the WP community but despite solutions being suggested nothing seemed to work. And then it all righted itself as mysteriously as it had come on.

        Those baboons, eh, always trying to make a monkey out of any unsuspecting tourist, they think they’re sooo cute…

      2. elmediat

        Thanks. I have tried adjusting variables that I have in my control with the browser & WordPress, but no go. I guess those baboons got into my WordPress luggage rack . 😀

      3. elmediat

        WordPress support has been very supportive. So far I have discovered it works fine in Microsoft Edge. It will only register likes in FireFox if I view the post through the Reader.
        Have tried many techno-setting-stuff to try and get it to respond normally, but still no go. It is a mystery. BTW I was trying to like your Arthur Types post when I discovered the issue. You were the first of many blogs I visited attempting to figure out what the wordpress was going on. 🙂

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