living the dream

Dreams: a psychological space where overwhelming, contradictory, or highly complex notions can be brought together by the dreaming ego, notions that would be unsettling while awake, serving the need for psychological balance and equilibrium.

Freedom alone – I’m hiding the pain of my art

in a heartbeat of days.

If You search,

You will spend all your seconds in vain –

I can not be suspended in a quiet hour,

Innocently pretend to wear

The fluttering wings of inner peace.

I can not, no matter how I fly.

My heart’s sighs, my eyes’ tears ,

reveal the secret misery of galloping horses.
It hurts the soul too, eventually.

My freedom has been stolen!
Ah, Everything is  research

Stage 5 of Sleep: This stage is known as rapid eye movement (REM). Breathing becomes more rapid, irregular, and shallow, eyes jerk rapidly in various directions, and limb muscles become temporarily paralyzed. Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, and males develop penile erections. When people awaken during REM sleep, they often describe bizarre and illogical tales. These are dreams. This stage accounts for 20 to 25 percent of total sleep time.

Report on General Relation to Dreams, Soul, and Stunning Variety

– grow into the Depths, a multitude of octopuses;
The roots of the contradiction that sing

till the heart churns as it bleeds creativity.
Finds the ways and themes between this space in the hero’s death –
I’m relevant!

Psychology – a raven with burning wings that wakes people’s eyes and shadows by calling the sky.                                                                                                   

Angry children, whose sleep confirmed their separation, were Indigo and witnessed the rising animal spirit.
More metamorphoses than ghost totems –
when the shadows are angry.
Check out the complexity of the concept,
horrible mattress between wallpaper and a chain of sighs.

In contrast to modern views, the basic assumption had been that underlying perceptual symbol systems: Subsets of perceptual states in sensory-motor systems are extracted and stored in long-term memory to function as symbols. As a result, the internal structure of these symbols is modal, and they are analogically related to the perceptual states that produced them. –Source 

Frenetico Ritmo –

nervous legs dance in a dream, like passionate horses.


2 thoughts on “living the dream

  1. I love the way you have macaronic texts themselves juxtaposed with images — though I have to confess to frequent bewilderment as I go into sensory overload. But then you’ve perfectly caught that dreamlike state where we just have to go with the flow, for fear that analysis will trap us in an intellectual quicksand and we lose the clew that we’ve been blindly following, stumbling along to who knows where…

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. Great description of what I am playing with in these compositions & posts. Interpretation is in an implied space where the reader/audience brings context (meaning) to the text/media composition.
      The hyperlinked text means that you have added context & non-linear reading/decoding of the text .
      The internet is a single hyperlinked media composition that the audience dips into & also adds additional material & context. They are constantly shifting from global associative symbolic thinking to linear analytic/concrete thinking.

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