Asemic Tarot Card 7 – Girls night out ~ Snow White Tasha

The Kurata Butterfly is worthy of the Snow White era.

As time went on, the I continued.
Because I is very small, my eyes are mysterious.

Someone is not very cool, green, and laughing.
Indigo lost mist – sympathy as before.
Let’s go to the sand now.


Tasha makes a phone call from an open window –

girls night out:


Gelatine gear gazette geese

gaudy gasometer gash

gauche gasket gaps gasps

In Spain, forests are found and cherished.
Let’s be in Spain.


It was a yearning and a horror.
– when you sleep on a happy green night.
Do not forget that knight’s nostalgia.
Remember surveillance of “I am”.

Miscellaneous misapprehension

makes mischief

mislaid revolt.


2 thoughts on “Asemic Tarot Card 7 – Girls night out ~ Snow White Tasha

    1. elmediat

      Yes full of ambiguity – like any Taro card, it can have both positive & negative interpretations depending on how it is dealt & where it shows up in the layout. Also appropriately disturbing , in the age of MeToo, Trump & Kavanaugh, a girls night out can be fraught with peril.

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