Asemic Tarot 8 – happily ever after 0~ perhaps cloud

Hoar gilt marble

Slumbers in the park.

Eggs in the house are also known in the eye.


Dormant breeze in the woods is very quiescent.

Indigo can think of marble sleep in sculpture –

patiently proficient plumes ply awhile ago.


Bud creeps quietly, quietly.

Miles Key to Future’s past;

Have thousands of your scones –

An unfortunate forest needs to lock the marble egg

in Seeker’s Dreams.


Hatched bird sings

happily ever after 0 ~ perhaps cloud.

Note: This card is always associated with the shadow of a couple eating Ramen noodles in a park in the afternoon. When reversed, it represents that which you have yet to see on a trolley car.  Remember appropriate eye-wear and owl feathers when meditating on the significance of this card in your life. Do not place on a table with a Bosc pear.

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