Asemic Tarot 12 : Rosetta Telegraphic Smile

Cat chases Dog on

Rosetta Telegraphic

Smile – night laughter simile.


…..’tis like someone’s dancing soul

in a green bottle of joy.


Pour out your negativity on a nihilist’s bed of rusty nails – it is just a tuna fish sandwich of Fate calling from the Defunct Department Store’s Christmas Catalogue, all jam-packed with cantaloupe calliopes & prequels to four cicada cylinders……. haven of a clitellar of well wishing whale harpoons wandering through walls of discontented marginalized memories of marmalade mediocrity to the melody of forty second street ghosts on petulant parade; how like an agony of aunts in angst accoutrements agitating for a cogitating contagion of conjunctions to forgive superlative nations incoronate deleading goodly designated evenings. You have fits of wellington warbles by the window of plenitude, the consolation constellations & marbleized verbiage pour over the eaves of verisimilitude.


As the hippo has wings

for harlequin masques,

The cracker pie is baking

in the overture of your heart –

hi-ho hi-ho,

let the rain go,

let the rain go.

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