Asemic Tarot 13 – looking for mountain rainbows

Before shaking the brittle bar of hidden truths, remember that it is a rainbow “frozen” from the mountain,….. and it is made up of an enclosure swept from the open woods.



Deep, Hive Lake.

I feel it hardly moves.


The sound of the lake called as a dream of all lakes.


Flake door,

The exception –

Uniformly rectangular door

is the nearest part of the year.


The nuclear fission room maintains the Hall of Martyrdom.


Open now the ship’s name,

Start wind error bell –

Easy shot of a dark wall,

nameless sounds, and promises.


He was supposed to play a cage, whose dream is to look at the tubes at night.


Village between dust –

The whole season burned….

quagmires of solitude

erupted on tarantula horizons.


My visions have escaped these deary distant sonances, slumbering beneath the clashing waves of stars.


Remove the trembling air

from being torn apart

by rancorous beads

of betrayal –

being that sour sound, war.


Such things are only possible when looking for mountain rainbows in the corner of an empty room.



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