the face that launched a thousand ships

A modern staging of “come back, little Sheba” was planned, but things happened along the way. The art director’s strange disappearance complicated things – the muffled screams during late night rehearsals left the backers disinclined to provide further needed capital, ah, that’s the theatre life….

exiting stage left –

these players are mere shadows,

watch, the curtain falls.


A minuscule mystery inspired by Claudia McGill’s posts.


5 thoughts on “the face that launched a thousand ships

  1. Thank you, I am truly flattered that my stories sent you along the same path, and this is my favorite genre, the mystery. Plus I love going to plays, so…you have sent my mind into a action. You say the curtain falls, but…hmmm, we all know that is not the end of things, and there is that art director and you know there’s more to that story. Plus I got a laugh out of the play they were putting on. Another clue? Yes, I think it could be.

    You see I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I hope you do more. The two sentence style plus a tiny poem is so freeing, I think, and addictive.

    1. elmediat

      Most welcome. The first sentence & a bit came to me while I was on Twitter a while ago. Once I came up with an appropriate image the rest followed. The original photo, from a couple of years ago for a Man of La Mancha scene, is of a puppet head my wife made for her community theatre troupe.
      The theatrical allusions in the haiku lines include, a Hanna-Barbera character, two plays by Shakespeare, & an Agatha Cristie novel.
      The mystery is ambiguous, so the solution may be supernatural or more mundane- perhaps somewhere in-between.

      1. Wow, you have put a lot of thought into this, and I love your eclectic mix of sources (which is the best thing about listening and reading, the material and inspirations just pour in, don’t they?). And the puppet head is perfect. A very knowing expression it has, just right to illustrate this story.

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