an Absurdist Aliens’ Allegory


His grandfather’s last name was Inoswego –

He was robed in feverish thinking –

an Absurdist Aliens’ Allegory

etched on the eyes


ascetic, harshly featured saints.


His shaky hands,

like an octopus swimming in a hot broth,

wrote the lines in stark rainbows

on the walls of his twilight room.



In the land of the Chimera,

every tchotchke, doodad, and artifact bear,

their own menagerie of incorruptibles,

are sitting quietly, in cabinets and on shelves;

there will I meet you again.


Remember, that place,

full of days

bound by the wind and walnut shells ?

I used to live in anticipation,

full of stencilled shadows –

your hair spiralled,

clinging to the sleeping breeze,

even as regret turned


complex spatial structures,

a portable triptych


equations of albatross bones & frozen feathers.


Matter, aesthetically turned into Moebius strips,

twines between corridors,

echoing a more archaic art –

Grail Sine sighs

with your footsteps

on corroded rugs.



Tears of sand traced

memories on your face –

I’ll give you ten thousand kisses,

and then,

Ten times more

beneath the gold striations

on drenched draperies.


No one knows whether the initials

are those of the print-maker,

the book binder, the book-scald-presser,

the book’s owner, a whale-skinner,

a misplaced patron – or

the intangible incarnation of the deceased –

remnants of an artist with a refined sensibility,

like rose petals beneath the cactus.


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