Asemic Tarot 16 – Covid19 Interpretation

Chaos: the Basic Swing,

Condensation before #)P(%

is Absolute Tooth.

^&{|< QW


it springs

from Moss


in Winter.


The “This”,

bass-line of rhythmic virus,

propels the flailing

over cultural pandemic


~ on Letters Diversity –

see no musings

were interesting.

jQb < Daguerreotype Transfusion Alliterates Astral Constructs

Compose: @b>0<M



cultural pandemic

sighs –

better inducing envy and contempt,

Road of I-woods.



Suppose cultural pandemic


Blinks at fossils,

As the death toll rises;

Aesthetic experiences

turn Zoetropean.


Implicit Bias: Black velvet infinity all around. 



After a heavy thunder storm with hail,

a cool breeze freshened

the hot city.

The dainty lace curtains in the drawing room were blowing dangerously for their gossamer threads.


Flowers, far-more far-fetched

than a tension through

Abstract Expression gestures,

arising at the same time –

whose giraffe creates graffiti

that silently is

a cultural pandemic?



Continent, each milestone

a Suprematism,

accessing the sur réalisme –

the convergence of communication.

Watch for wary cats,

especially on Wednesday afternoons.

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