3 thoughts on “Asemic Poems 5 & 6

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. I really enjoy your compositions. Beautiful work.
      I produce my loose collages on the scanner bed, then digitally alter them according to need & desired effect.
      I became interested in Asemic art or 2 reasons. I’m a retired secondary school teacher ; my background is in English Studies, Special Education, and Media Literacy & Developmental Reading Literacy. My daughter is a Downs person. She really enjoys copying out text (close print) – she has also produced pure asemic script (hand writing).
      I have incorporated some of her copious writing, along with various collage elements, and some of my own Asemic glyphs.

      1. Very interesting — I appreciate your detailed reply and learning about your background and how you work. Starting out with “loose” collage on the scanner, and including your daughter’s writings, are both food for thought for me. I was a literature major way back when, and then spent many years as a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. I imagine that such backgrounds combined with visual art would easily lead to our love for asemic work. I look forward to catching up again on your most recent posts.

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