Asemic Tarot Card 90 – glizwq 3 dyagrw.

Asemic Tarot Card 90 – glizwq 3 dyagrw.


mpgo #$%^^&**(_){[}]

prickles, butterflies, flittering from flower

two2 <{{{>]~ flower


mien snaps their QP{{{<>;{{{][+_)(*&~%:-

Quick as a whip,

her hand entered –

the throat of her blouse.

Norman saw the glint of naked metal flash

in an arc toward Sade’s chest.

Dorothy gasped.



<<<<<<#%^^^{{][|\PQ come into

Narrative Structure – Solitude~

Exploring your Shadow’s AUTBRIVOT



“I feel the unrest of the world in the pit of my stomach”

Rabbit Queen’s Lace,

hominy bees in red sockets ~

gasses grow there

embracing totality.

HF 20th C: EL’MCG, JN

(P978-1144OO8XESTOO05owt, $.,pp,hc)









Jelly Fish



Asemic Tarot cards are open to a wide interpretation. Embedded hyper-links will provide sources or possible(?) context/associations/surprises.



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