whale descending

whale descending

eschewed landing

needled chinwags

dancing wheedles

down, the colourful skin descends into the depths to sing of forgotten things, sunsets rising, cloud wings & stars spin-gliding – of patterns bright with pigments deep & rich, striped square curves like shells on beaches of sparkling sand crawling racing diving jumping to an iridescent plunge speeding song of memories onto the wave-roads of time dreaming – community, a rich colour of voices grasping air & currents in dark wine depths of mutual history – laughter of young voices seeking the harmony of shifting currents rising…….




– down, let us go, in the depths to sing – gathering together to find shelter/nourishment of our souls in this darkness where there is lightness of spirit in our community – let us hunt, in the depths singing of our small fleet-footed ancestors who waded in the warm waters seeking the green shoots singing their song – let us go, in the depths to sing our memories to our children that they might know the way of waves that we travelled far reminding them of breaking air above where the sky is full of singing cloud-wings & stars sunrise setting….


The term mythopoeic means “myth-making” (from Greek muthos, “myth”, and poiein, “to make”).


The discovered skeleton of Indohyus –

approximately 48-million-year-old

-even-toed ungulate-


in the Kashmir region of India,

where whales’ secrets

hide in mountains.


This is the closest known fossil relative of whales ?


How small, these bits of bone

sing of a time long past –

a melody of memories buried

in fragments.




Indohyus, a plant-eater,

& already aquatic,

like a hippo wading into history.


Apparently the dietary shift to hunting animals (as modern whales do) came later than the habitat shift to the water.


apparently, what do we know,

perhaps we should ask the whales

what their stories tell……


Although it may seem strange to think of a tiny, deer-like animal living in water, one modern mouse-deer offers something of an analogue to the ancient Indohyus, even though it is not closely related to whales: The African Mousedeer (also called Chevrotain) is known to jump in water when in danger, and move around at the bottom.


Let us jump into the bottom

of Memory-

seek the depths


the colour of melody-

what might we find there

waiting to welcome us…..


Source: Whales descended from tiny deer-like ancestors

Note: My wife’s Covid mask making endeavours had led to small bits of cloth appearing in unlikely places.



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