Asemic American History Book – Chpt Q – The Trump Years

There has never been a American History Book like this before !

(ED: Oh so true.)

This is really bigly – HUGE. So much information, multiple volumes.

(ED: Oh so true if volume refers to shouting. Only 2 pages in Chpt Q)

We go to print very very soon.

(ED: Enough trees died in the recent fire: don’t need to kill anymore for this.)



I created the 2 images before the debate ( is that the correct term for what was televised ? ).  I did not expect the Asemic Dadaist qualities would play out in real time – life imitating art.

The second image was created using a scan of a handout page from,  “He Walked Around the Horses“, a science fiction short story by American writer H. Beam Piper. It is initially based on the true story of diplomat Benjamin Bathurst, who mysteriously disappeared in 1809. It was first published in the April 1948 issue of Astounding Science Fiction magazine (now Analog). The story is told in epistolary style, as a series of reports, statements and memoranda by various government, army and police officials, and inn servants, stating what they know of the matter. 

The story is a speculative fiction classic that explores alternative history.   You can read the story at  – link

More about Alternative History literature  at UCHRONIA.


7 thoughts on “Asemic American History Book – Chpt Q – The Trump Years

  1. The really tragic thing is that there will still be staunch Trumpters who will cheer at his boorish bullying diatribe and really truly believe he got one over his opponent. “Will you shut up, man?” has to be the quote of the year. And yes, simultaneous translation must’ve been a real pig in that mess, utterly asemic in its incomprehensibility.

    1. elmediat

      They complain about masks & social restrictions, but live in their own social bubble of belief, values & ideology. They view the world through their own contrived fishbowl. If America makes it out of this election intact & sane, it will be a miracle.

      After the debate there was another spike in Google searches by Americans wanting to know how to become Canadian citizens. Living next to Trump’s America is like living next to an active volcano – not if it blows, but when & how much damage will occur.

      I dug a bit deeper into the Twitter feed later – I could have added ASL interpreters, imagine trying to follow multiple interpreters on the screen simultaneously. In Taiwan, they assumed that the debate would be conducted in an orderly fashion. They only assigned one translator. Apparently, in the midst of the cacophony the translator became so frustrated that he complained on air to his supervisor about how was he supposed to the job translating 3 speakers at once. American Absurdist theatre in the digital age is the new normal – Philip K. Dick was a prophet.

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