Asemic Postcard – change arises

BTW – I really, really hate the  Block Editor.

I have found my way back to the classic editor, but I have not figured out how to now create a new post using it as a default setting.  Sometimes easy to use digital instructions can be a bit asemic.

14 thoughts on “Asemic Postcard – change arises

  1. Timothy Price

    I just noticed that the classic editor is now the “Classic Block Editor”. WP lied again. I was told the plain old classic editor would always be available. But no. This might be it for me. I don’t want to deal with it.

    1. elmediat

      I was feeling the same way. They just made the change sometime today. I was okay earlier, & now a mess. I have discovered a cumbersome path to the classic editor, but as I said above, not a default. If you go to All Posts on Home-Dashboard you can choose to create a new post in Classic Editor or edit drafts & old posts in Classic.

      I can understand that the block editing is probably better for posting from tablet & phones, but workflow on computer desktop is hindered. I do not understand why they could not allow users to enable Classic as a default, if they so wish.

      1. Timothy Price

        They could allow users to select the classic editor as the default very esealy. I know because I write software. The reason they don’t give us the option to set the classic editor as a default or choose the type of editor that suits a user is because the developers are a bunch of lazy pompous asses.

      2. elmediat

        Plus they want to monetize – they also have a plugin for $ that lets you default. I posted a shot of the access route in the blog post for others to discover the secret passage.

      3. Timothy Price

        I ran up against space limits because of my videos. I could have upgraded for more space, but it’s not unlimited space or I might have done it. It’s expensive space is what it turns out to be. I offloaded my videos to YouTube and embedded them in the posts and regained a whole lot of space.

      4. Timothy Price

        I saw your screen shot. I had missed the menu because I just would say new post from posts. I have to go to all posts first. No quick way of doing things.

      5. elmediat

        To speed up my workflow :D, I created a direct link to ALL Posts in Favourites on my computer. Takes a couple of steps out of the hunt.
        I noticed elsewhere that some people with iPhones & tablets were not happy with the change over. Now, I’m curious as to who they thought saw the Block Editor as a design improvement.

      6. Timothy Price

        For some reason some person or persons thought the WP experience should be more like page processors and desktop publishers. It’s pretty much impossible to do the formatting like desktop publishing software does on the web. But WP developers are determined to try to make that happen, and make users suffer the results of their efforts.

    1. elmediat

      Personally, I find it frustrating visually from the get go. Selecting categories & tags, where are they ? I have to go looking for them – still can not find them in the Block. In Classic, images are automatically hyperlinked so that when you click them you see them in large format. That default does not exist in Block, nor could I find how to reset it. Inserting media was simply clicking upper media insert button, now it some sort of block insert with no guide button to choose from. The tools may be available, but they are not visible & immediately accessed or intuited with Block’s minimalist layout.

      From a Media Literacy viewpoint, it comes back to purpose = content & target audience. Social Media is a plurality of forms, requiring different interfaces. A Blog is one social medium, but it has a continuum of purpose. For example, on Implied Spaces I use the layout to experiment with multi-media hyperlinked content. Others follow a stricter print medium style, so that a post would fit nicely on printed page with no change in content-meaning. So in a sense, depending on the creator’s purpose a blog can be different types of media – one that is easily transferable to print, one that can only exist as digital-text.

      As Timothy points out, the Block Editor appears to be geared to formatting, setting up, & inserting content on a web-page, which has a very different purpose from the continuum of purpose of a blog.

      There will be some who will adjust easily, and others who will find it frustrating. I am surprised that some accessing their blog from digital devices are complaining. I had thought the goal was to create an interface that was more readily compliant to those users in particular.

      1. I can see you are frustrated. For me, it all seems pretty intuitive once I understood the basic ideas, but my posts are very basic. I type them in word and copy them, then I add in the photos at breaks. I like the feature where I can move paragraphs or images around just by clicking up or down. Also, I realized the box at the right, once you click the wheel (settings )symbol sets out the same things that were in the old one. I also like how easy it is to change a block’s format from paragraph to quote, say. it reminds me of how in word, when I set up my books, I select styles. I did devote time to learning the system by making fake posts and when I ran into trouble, delete it and try again. Now I feel I have the things I need for my own use and that’s working for me.

      2. elmediat

        Thanks for the info Claudia. For some reason, the wheel settings does not work for me. I noticed some of the tips posted for using Block are not active on my editor – have not been able to get various settings to activate or even appear. If others are facing the same issue, this would explain some of the online push-back .

        I use Open Office for writing composition, and then cut & paste.

      3. I see why this would be beyond aggravating if features do not work. Now it makes sense to me what others are saying. Since it all works well for me, once I learned the parts I needed, it has gone smoothly, but if pieces are missing, of course it is a disaster. I wonder why there are these discrepancies, and I hope you are able to find a better fix. I do think they should have left the older editors alone and let people use them if they want to, because I don’t see what that would hurt. The thing I really agree with in this whole thing is, I wish we could stop having to learn new things that “fix” things we are happy with and do not think are broken. I would have been fine if the old editor lasted forever, I was not looking for “better”. New is not always better.

      4. elmediat

        I checked out something – if I open something I have previously posted, then the setting wheel appears to work the way you describe. If I create a new post it is inconsistent, a glitch in the matrix. 😀

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