a hole along the path

I found a hole along the path the other day, so I picked it up & put it in my pocket. By the time I got home I lost it – so I mailed the pocket to my sweetheart to sew it up. Lost my sweetheart in the mail, but the hole showed up again – dropped Tuesday in the hole. Tuesday is garbage & recycling day; everything happens on Tuesday – and now it is Wednesday & the air is angry with thunder and snow that is hard popcorn.


In summary, Thursday sulked because it is Thor’s day and the sky was clear because Wednesday used up all the thunder, so by time Friday arrived there was a letter in the mail. It was the capital Q. It curled up around the unanswered sighs and cracked coffee cups, purring in satisfaction and turquoise. That sort of thing happens on Existential Fridays – the hole ate its edges with worry and baking paper. All that was left was the humming of an unfinished pop song in the electric socket. Socket rhymes with pocket, which showed up on the doorstep with a kiss from my sweetheart who I had forgotten – memory is is like that sometimes, Swiss cheese and jalapeno peppers .



24 thoughts on “a hole along the path

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. I was reading some poetry on another blog, and then started free associating. 😀
      In the current condition of things, it does seem as if our dreamscape and mundane reality are blurring over. Climate change triggering either dramatic weather events or odd changes in everyday weather cycles, Covid adaptations effecting everything from shopping to education, and of course the absurdist chaos of Trump’s America & Johnson’s Brexit all combine to leave the rational mind searching for metaphors and surreal imagery to explain/describe our experiences.

      Right now I have a black poodle dressed up as a pirate sitting by my chair waiting for another piece of pepperoni. 😀

      We will probably only have a few trick-or-treaters, a combination of weather, covid anxiety & weather. My wife made a wide variety of face masks which she is handing out instead of candy. I am really missing the candy, hence the pepperoni ( if the dog lets me have any ). 😀

      1. I feel as if after 60+ years of living I have found out that gravity does not really work. Yes, that disoriented. Eek. I agree about needing to go way out there to find anyway to describe, even to myself, how this world feels and is as everything shudders and totters and so on. I had to buy Christmas candy for the possible trick or treaters (we also usually do not get many if any even in regular times) because I forgot Halloween is coming and the store has already moved on to Christmas. Somehow this didn’t surprise me, we just make do. Candy is still candy, no matter how it is wrapped.

      2. elmediat

        My wife said there is of a ton of the stuff still on the shelves at our stores. Looking forward to a big sale. 😀
        As retired teachers, we just hear what hoops the teachers & students are jumping through to handle “the Covid”, and we are very happy to no longer be out there. In our area, with small communities, the supply teacher pool is very thin. They have been asking retirees to sign up again & taking people with limited teaching training. Definitely down the rabbit hole. Take care & stay safe.

      3. The same to you. We don’t have to go out much, my husband traveled a lot for his job previously, now, it’s all work from remote. That’s been good. By the nature of his work he is in more demand in hard times than in good. Which is also good for us but not for others. Another topsy turvy outcome. It all hurts my heart, the pull and push of these days. Crazy times. Crazy times.

    1. elmediat

      🙂 Had to rescue your comment from the spam can. You are the 2nd blogger in a few days who ended up in there. Makes no sense, neither of you were writing in broken Asian-English or Russian. Have you been selling Viagra or Crypto-currency during the lockdown ? 😀

      1. Maybe it’s because I included a link? But I agree, makes little sense. WordPress seems to having a few glitches at the moment (maybe due to an inordinate number of spammers? quite often I get approaching a hundred such comments soon after clearing a backlog); I’m seeing a number of posts on the Reader which are one long continuous paragraph, for example.

      2. elmediat

        The link may be the issue – however the other blogger’s comment had nothing in it to trigger a spam filter.

  1. This expresses our time wonderfully and is also wonderfully specific to the moment. I love the strong visual quality of the words.

    That portable hole– I keep remembering the ones in the Looney Tunes cartoons. (ACME brand, most likely.) You could put them anywhere, make an escape or send your pursuer to oblivion. Wouldn’t it be great to have a portable hole right now and get out of here?

    Star Trek: Discovery’s third season has introduced portable transporters– pretty much the same. You can definitely put one in your pocket.

    1. elmediat

      Many thanks. Much appreciated. I thought of the Acme Holes as soon as the popped into my head – possibly by way of a Trill. 😀

  2. magicpoet01

    This is beautifully anarchic.
    I love Wednesday’s air being “angry with thunder and snow”
    I love the sensuality of the Capital letter Q, curling around
    “the unanswered sighs and cracked coffee cups, purring in satisfaction and turquoise.”
    Perfect for those Existential Fridays.
    Superb writing

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