Collage 9

Burk Winters was a panting,

shambling ape,
fleeting through dark and echoing pits of

Behind him hissed the lashes  of
the jeering mob, savagely exultant

at having debauched

still another proud  Terran

into something that crawled.


6 thoughts on “Collage 9

    1. elmediat

      The story appeared in Planet Stories Magazine. If you click the link, & see the cover. The story includes the original magazine illustrations. It is a typical action packed pulp tale, but LEIGH BRACKETT gives it a Twilight Zone vibe with the ending. Brackett had a career as a writer of hardboiled mysteries & science fiction. Her mystery writing turned into a successful career as a screenwriter.

      The composition came together after sitting in my collage folder for some time. I rotated it from vertical to horizontal, modified the saturation, and replaced some of the negative space with asemic text from another collage.

      Looking through recent pulp science fiction at Project Gutenberg, I found the opening blurb. They just added the story to their archive, synchronicity. 😀

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