9 thoughts on “oven pan abstracts 71 qb & qbt

    1. elmediat

      An excellent interpretation – I was thinking of ice covered lakes & oceans blended with degraded corrugated metal sheets. Who knows what lurks beneath the ice of Northern Ontario lakes & Lake Huron & Lake Superior. We live near Serpent River. https://serpentriverfn.com/meetup/our-history/ It acquired the name from First Nation’s story of a great serpent fighting at the mouth of the river. The Great Lakes are freshwater seas, complete with stories of ghost ships, sea serpents, and the Great Thunderbird lights (UFOs).

      BTW The family, including respite worker, got our Pfizer vaccine shot on Friday. Our community volunteers, retired nurses, doctors,and local health clinic staff were very efficient & helpful.

  1. Nah, you’re both wrong, it’s yin trying to make it with yang and not quite succeeding.

    No, on second thoughts I’m wrong too: it’s an amoeba unsuccessfully splitting.

    Actually, it’s…

    1. elmediat

      Yin & Yang the conjoined Canadian serpents meet the semi-detached ice amoeba by the frozen shores of Lake Sasquatch (at the mouth of the Scooby-Doo River).

      1. That’s the one! 🙂 But surely you should be using the Spanish name for the river, Río Escubidu? It was discovered by Cristobal Colon’s cabin boy who fell overboard from the Santa Maria, hitched a ride on a passing ice floe and paddled it north to Lake Sasquatch where he interbred with a female bigfoot giving rise to the conjoined legend. How come we’re not taught this is history books?!

      2. elmediat

        Canadian History is often ignored. This is the Lesser Scooby-Doo River. The Río Escubidu or Rivière Escubidu is the Greater Scooby-Doo, which includes Shaggy Falls ( a significant producer of Hydro Electricity for Velma and surrounding area).
        BTW In actual fact, we live near the communities of Spanish & Espanola, which are by the Spanish River. Information at the following link. 😀


      3. The Wikitravel link being troublesome I checked out Wikipedia which confirmed you weren’t serving me with fake news despite your btw preamble! A serendipitous happenstance all round, the gods will have their little joke, eh? 🙂

      4. elmediat

        What is really significant about the Spanish River story is the distance involved. The woman must have travelled from the Florida region all the way to just north of Lake Huron by canoe & portage. The First Nations people were interacting across continental distances.

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