Entopic Dadaist Collage Poem

An experimental mix of Entopic technique and Dadaist Collage poetry (random words). A bit of asemic writing thrown in to deconstruct the message of the fantasy art. Have no idea why my wife printed it up – possibly for comparison purposes. Further deconstruction by cutting up the pieces and randomly reassembling them.

The fantasy art, drawn from Nordic mythology, is a hypersexualized power image that  feeds  a pop-culture male vision of powerful women, goddess, warrior, and threat. The message becomes further deconstructed in the second composition.

2 thoughts on “Entopic Dadaist Collage Poem

    1. elmediat

      Once I started connecting points in the “art piece” print, it became pretty obvious where the artist was drawing the viewer’s eye. The values, beliefs, and ideology of the media text was all there to be seen.
      I have one more deconstructed composition to do. The marker & pen left some interesting marks on the back of the paper. 😀

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