6 thoughts on “abstract -wildflowers

    1. elmediat

      Thanks for your interest. Yes, this is a digital composition that I created using a photograph taken with my phone. I used a layer copy of the photo. I digitally modified using it using PictoPainting software in conjunction with PaintShop Pro. That layer was further modified by blending in textures, altering saturation, and including elements of some of my scanned collages. Bits of writing in the composition come from the collage. The layer was then blended over the photograph.

      My visual compositions are based on photographs taken with either my digital camera or phone. Other works, primarily on this blog, use scanography. Scans of loose collages assembled on the scanner bed.

      My oven pan abstracts, found on this blog, are digitally modified photographs of oven pan surfaces.

      Recent compositions of garden flowers, that use similar processes to this wildflower composition, can be found can be found on my other blog.


      poppy abstract

      1. Thank you for such an informative response. Absolutely stunning work. I hope you submit to the Contact Photography exhibition? How long have you been doing this kind of work, and how large can you print?

      2. elmediat

        Many thanks. I’ve developed my approach over the years since retiring from teaching. Part of the path started with teaching Media Literacy. I am a hobbyist. Do this to stay sane. 😀 My interest in asemic art grew out of my interest in Media Literacy, Print Literacy, communication theory, and my daughter’s writing (she is a Downs person).
        Our home printer will go up to 17 by 14. I’ve done some photo prints, but leave the main artwork to my wife; she’s a retired Art & drama teacher. This is her blog: https://kbcreateblog.wordpress.com/

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