5 thoughts on “fourscorth claims

      1. I spent a sizeable time with various dictionaries, code ciphers, sealing wax and string to produce it, but I can’t guarantee I’ve got all the nuances across perfectly.

      2. elmediat

        😀 😂
        If I had used duct instead of duck, perhaps it would be clearer. 🤔
        I used some of those links I mentioned before to generate a random word list & some phrases. I thought I might be able to create a haiku without too much adjustment. I actually got a tanka. 😀
        The word generator came up with some obscure words, 2 oldies, fourscorth & outyielding, and a recent one, khet (a chess game with lasers). Code-riving is a reimagining of coderive. 🙂

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