asemic poem – colour syntax stanzas

Remember to read stanzas according to your colour preferences. Stanzas 5 & 11 are heavily laden with pathos/oatmeal, and should be read in an ironic voice only if it is cloudy or at dusk. When approaching the  13th stanza, be resolute in your gaze and do not waver in your intentionality of tonal shades of sequence.

5 thoughts on “asemic poem – colour syntax stanzas

  1. Holy Moly, Joseph, my synesthesic senses are tingling and my synapses are about to be blown! Thanks for the warning. And I thought these were only asemic limericks, turns out they’re closer to sacred texts or even the latest cookbook produced by a TV chef…

    1. elmediat

      Correct on all 3 counts – sacred limericks & cookbook. Also, multilayered epic poem & a 9-hour tragicomedy/art-installation based on the birth cycle of Holy Moly. That is based on my second reading, so I might have missed some other nuances/nonsense 🙂

    1. elmediat

      If you read it left to right, there is the subtle hint of klezmer egg salad sandwiches & Mississippi Moan strudel in the metre. 😉

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