brush off synonyms


There is no ridicule –

Ignore the Battle Bell,

Easy to control.


A horse in a long frozen forest –

The sound of a paper forest

that lasts for miles in the dark

appears to vibrate.


Woods Deep Sweep;

Unpredictable ridicule

of rebellion in the dark.


Keep a copy of the house rebellion,

the resistance of the rebels

who refuse to refuse.


It is reminiscent of thinking

about refusing

to stop hurting sensibilities.


I think the synonym for stagnation

is a battle that hurt –

Propulsion Spoofs and Social Critiques.


I argue before the synonyms –

Sericeous newspaper obedience

sees the author endlessly in the meantime.


Tool article Queerly (Bay) Flat Latte;

withering freelance pooph-pooph particulates

realign endlessly.


{(Fore) Winnie the Pooh}

= Snow Brush Harness Coppice





ask Winnie the Pooh

~ disoblige inseverable scissors.


Pass over

affordable wax-ring



The bag resists


ignoring the original padding.


These wonderful dreams dispute

an easier pill to swallow.



Despise that breaks the year of the wind –

Ignore the contempt that resists this farmer –

Wink at the shrug off.



Wersh bimane substantively trans-made

sincerely promises that as a picturesque mile ~

breaks will bring the forest back to the lake.


Evening mistakes only require trash –

perspicuously flout capitulation.


A list of synonyms moved through a series of translations & other Dadaist inducing software became the foundation of this composition. Lower image is linked to original post in Dark Pines Photo.




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