oven pan abstract 91qb – asemic map

As I was working on this composition, I realized it included some of the codes and conventions of a map.  Keep in mind, I create these pieces by digitally manipulating and combining  close-up photos of worn oven pans and other metal surfaces. So even though I made no use of scanned text,  I managed to generate an abstract that is map-like in a number of characteristics – an unreadable map, asemic.

NOTE: I have posted a couple more Asemic Tarot cards on the new blog. Not sure if there is a glitch in the blog-zone, but there was no response from visitors/followers. I’ve noticed that on occasion, posts on my other blogs will go invisible  – sometimes I re-post, and other times they just suddenly become active. Let me know if things have gone spooky – never know when dealing with tarot cards, even the asemic kind.

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