monochrome waves

The last Text Message came as Summer slipped into September

  • we remain because u really humiliated us.

The churning dark had crawled the edges of the shoreline, while whispers scuttled across the sand, catching dimming desires between the grains. Looking back, perhaps, it had not been the best day to picnic. The knife to slice the fruit had proven useful though.

Standing there now, catching the motes with his eyes, his vision swirls rapidly over the sand’s wet boundaries towards the aphotic waters.

“They are on the other side of the island. Our swimmers play together there. I see you, poor souls – All crying from the depths – those waves crying.”

He joined in, they were all crying from the bottom of their hearts – a wave of shame struggling to breath.

6 thoughts on “monochrome waves

    1. elmediat

      Thanks very much, Claudia. I thought a noir macabre weird fiction would fit the visual. Tried to leave enough to the imagination to leave the interpretion open – it could go in a couple of ways. 🙂

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