Asemic Postcards 122 & 124


Dearest Veldie:

At same julienne skjorte,

I vend miles solnedgang;

In isle weeks reciterer,

we were swelling jig!


The two goal vi jig –

recite serape sleeper jig,

dow-jones bobs.


Shirt sunset before –

The ashcan bombs the user –

beware the table.


Sleep toad isolation,

our lighted phenomenon,

sammdie downs oiliness.

always yours,



Dear Cousin Kevin ~

In the same silken skjorte scone yesterday –

Our illuminated phenomenon

begins in front of a table,

a collection of many blue artifacts,

from books,

cut a collection of chapbooks

on our phenomenon.


Did the lake stop him out of the attention of a psychologist?



The banned node reverts

past a managing stem.

A conditioned paint smiles

above a shoulder.


Posters for Magazine concerts –

touched the heaviest aardvark dancers,

in sunset miles,

so-many ferocious

wane liinged-gangs.

always yours,


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