collage postcard 2

Illuminations of The Dadaist Tesseract Church of the Asemic Existentialist & Möbius Otherhood

Psalm 1.1


Sh’hway’d Moctezuma was lonely in Mount Tezumah’h Land. After defeating the Lost Artz-D’tecs, he realized they can provoke emotions. Washing the cup will remove the soft gum stains from your soul, but as Moctezuma discovered, it does nothing for an empty heart, longing for love. He was so sh’hway’d now.


Ordinary Missing Person came riding into town on the weekly Turkey Express; a river of unwept tears ran down the muddy street, like a dalmatian chase in a Disney cartoon.


I’m really embarrassed, the postcard was a week late.


At least that is what he told himself, as the collateral damage walked in the door, wearing a cubist smile and carrying a crumpled concrete poem in the shape of a fortnight soirée.

There was no other option – the next day, his departure is a cold sunrise, as he attempted to casually walk behind the sign of resurrection in front of the crew.


The Succinct Puccini Ward reminds me of mushrooms,and a natural touch- the way of life is fixed in the sand. Feel the abstinence-T’laczantjzollii in the afternoon air, a mega-spider devouring the possibilities. The fire lived near it. Makes many acres of dreams within a cardboard package, waiting to be delivered to a people thirsty for art and a stream of consciousness. Flies / mosquitoes / wind / sun / reptile engine frogs always express internet planting isotope, isotope cleaning also performed in the round for 2 days- I always see the Azutek pillow fights in the morning mist as it bleeds into the lawns, a cellophane figment of personified perpendicular catharsis pigments. Too much leisure often makes a cup full of mouths and pillars, like so many fulcrums of promenadian rhyme-schemes in a jeremiad prose prance.


6 thoughts on “collage postcard 2

  1. I’m hoping you’ll produce a podcast of this text soon, I’m having trouble going to sleep and this might do the trick when my brain starts making alpha waves to counteract the disjunctive logic. Thanks, make it so! 🙂

    1. elmediat

      I was hoping you could set it to music – I don’t have a singing voice, but in this case, it might be a benefit. If you are having trouble sleeping, try a psaltery on rye, remember the mustard & sauerkraut, with a crisp dill pickle on the side. Your dreams will sing! 😀

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