4 thoughts on “Asemic Haiku 3

  1. Thank you for liking a few pieces of mine. It gave me a chance to explore some of your work. You’ve opened up a whole new genre of poetry. I’d love to talk more! Which is the best method? I noticed you use many social media outlets. Would you like to connect via email? If so – ******

    1. elmediat

      I wasn’t sure if you needed to keep the email private, so I removed it from the comment. 🙂
      I do most of my online conversing on the blogs & a bit on Twitter.
      Primarily, this is a hobby to keep me occupied. As a retired teacher ( English, Media Literacy, & Special Education), I followed my interests through creative expression on my blogs ( http://en.gravatar.com/elmediat ). I stumbled into Asemic writing through my daughter’s expressive efforts. She is a Downs person. She will copiously copy out text from various sources by printing. Some of her lists and other pieces have become part of my collages. Her attempts at writing, as opposed to printing, were pure asemic. Researching asemic writing & art drew me towards my present mix of collage, surrealism, Dadaist Absurdism, and asemic art.
      When I created my first asemic haiku, I checked online t see what others had done. For example, see – https://monsterbegood.wordpress.com/category/poetry/visual-poetry/asemic-writing/asemic-haiku
      Hope that gives you some understanding of my efforts. Many thanks for your interest. Let me know if there is more you wish to discuss. 🙂

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