Asemic Snapshot 138 – Dadaist Prose Poem

Gallery Context Notes:

He bravely explains

the meaning of hunger and becomes a dreamer.

Unusually, most people around the asemic derivative breezes are just these until the sacrament is separated. crows crows crows credulous crows crows crows creeps thyme raisins Déjà vu creeps creeps creeps

ghost fish-shack

He died in the shadow of anyone’s forest.

Extraneous throughput may be able to do good things in a digital reality. In a game without wooden echos! ec ec ec ec ho ho ho s! s! s! doorknob barks; [> barks: 1stone weeping overflow; sleep; I will explain the ashes. Wellington’s friends will lend used yodels.

In the case of a slow but double god, the cornea. And a constant moan. The fun of phading-dye-wryd cylinders is difficult.


infused fluctuations exclamations 


border hoarders

From bed to julep napkin; Osmotic shock is slow. It wakes up in mystic’s heartthrobs. this? Choose; Learning how to shoot and kill was an inspiration – photography produced better results – especially flowers and equations


equations equations equations nonverbal phrases phased fluster fluster fluster Thanks to them and joy, fwsster fester fluster flight flyghtist flyster glyfster options optional optic fluted 

subconscious room kisses like sweet hurting leaf luggage loans leans lonesome lonesome subtraction subtraction minus metaphorical allegory category catatonic cacophony

orchestrate ostriches rebellion onion beans being exist existential ex ex ex ex ist ist



Déjà vu

pole vault chain noodle drawing fast car slides right right right resembles mirror reflecting thoughts thinking thinking thinking tinkering sinking soul sole soul known to campfire a lot of gossip ideas.


An explanation of sorts: I make use of aleatoric text and random words & phrases from various sources. (The word “aleatory” comes from “alea,” the Latin word for dice. This is a clear reference to the fact that chance plays a huge role in aleatoric writing.) In some cases, I use online software to generate words, phrases, paragraphs, which can then be further manipulated with multi-translations.

Like nonsense verse and absurdist writing, this kind of poetry depends on the reader’s interest in experience and feeling.  It is all about the combination of words and images/concepts on the page and how they make one feel at the moment. Dream logic and free association take over from semantic & syntactic order – meaning becomes fluid, chaotic, and interpretation is open to personal context.

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