Conspiracy Poetics

MagaLibs created by Kevin Paul Keelan and lastcre8iveiconoclast, 2022 click image for source.


This  great creative writing game/exercise created and posted by KPKworld is called, MAGAlibs For the Whole Family (linked). I thought I would give it a try. I used my favourite Random word generator,   linguistics terminology, a helping of Mysterious Universe news, and my trusty dictionary of literary terms.

I added my own twist to this MAGAlib, with two closing stanzas. I call the whole form Conspiracy Poetics.


Those Anorthositic Democrats are putting Anishinaabe microchips in the election tesseracts to control our children’s thoughts!

The Climacteric Vaccine was developed by Agoraphobics to implant labyrinths into patriotic grammaticalized Americans!!

Giant lasers from Zothique  are being used by the Bag Pipers & Steamfitters Illuminati to light enormous metonymy fires, so they can build a high-speed flibbertigibbet!!!

Those Semiotic Democrat pedalists are using robotic Thylacines to control our cuticles!!!!

National retailer, A&W Root Beer, is using the names of its aerialists to capture and wassail kids for the Poetics Conspiracy!!!!!

Nancy Pelosi is in cahoots with Betty White ( she’s not dead, and neither are the other Golden Girls – they’ll reveal themselves & the BIG TRUTH about the Jersey Devil at the Truckers for Putin Protest in Hoboken, NJ) to genetically modify our American platinum sitars, so George Soros can metatexualize everyone ( just like those Canadian Socialists )!!!!!!


The experience really makes you think without words.


More about this source text –


This is the essence of the eye,

A civilian congestion sighs

before Erasmus’s

comical consequence –

a conical quantum context.


The organic blade prefixes

the broken converter –

When the ritual contrives

on a hobbled street.



Also in the News:

Secrets of a Japanese Mermaid Mummy to be Revealed

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