Surreal Thursday: 6 Surreals

Surreals – one line prose poems that express/describe a slipstream dreamscape reality/consciousness. A patacognition approach to composing poetry and  dealing with themes of Mass Media, communication, and internal and external environments. Various poetic devices can be used , including pataphors.

Slipstream Genre : A mixed/crossed genre that rests between surreal literature, fantasy literature, speculative fiction, and weird fiction.  More information Here.




Visualization of the surreal number tree.


hangnail: blank memory bank lost the thread to this poem – fingers can’t find the keyboard



GPS: looking out with blood ruby eyes – the crystal skull watches the children fleeing demoralized armies as the puzzled sasquatch pilots the #UAP over canola fields



the stonewall holds the garden tightly – bones of contention well mortared




better movie memory tips with Paper Clip Christ – includes Rapture – just $$$$$$$$$$$$$ 31.95





Marlene Dietrich merrily outpaces the breathless mathematician in a purple skirt – the decadent butterfly effortlessly descends on to the broken machinery as the optical lens is adjusted for the chafing light




pen slips down the stream of consciousness in a cummerbund of complexity, Mayor demands return of Town Pig, high school team wins roller-derby championship third year in a row – WeePiXi News at 11:00 #townpig #rollerderby


8 thoughts on “Surreal Thursday: 6 Surreals

    1. elmediat

      I have a number of written pieces which required a different type of accompanying visuals. It seemed to me that monochrome, possibly early photography or vintage B&W from the 1930s better fit the absurdist/surreal style and content of the text pieces. Your Bonnywood posts served as a perfect example-template. 😀

      The Marlene Dietrich surreal came from a recent comment in the Guardian about how she had outpaced a younger actress. As I was composing it, your posts came to mind, style & tone, as well as the usefulness of those old time B&W cinema stills. 🙂

      I’ve been watching a Korean rom-com dramedy-farce, Business Proposal, on Netflix. An absurd, at times silly, tale of disguised identities, misunderstandings and complications. The absurd elements and Lucile Ball slapstick at times reminds me of some of your scenarios. The fact that some characters are watching a “soap” that mirrors their reality feels like the fourth wall antics your characters get into.

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