Jabberwocky Cabbage Baggage

I discovered the WOMBO Art app by way of the Face in the Crowd Project on David’s Galoshes and Collages. The app is generative design  software that will convert words and phrases into intriguing images. I used Jabberwocky Cabbage Baggage to generate the above image, which I modified, and then added one of my photo edges.

9 thoughts on “Jabberwocky Cabbage Baggage

    1. elmediat

      I tried a comparison with the ATT Gen software. It did not like Jabberwocky. 😀 The image just went black. If I did cabbage baggage jabber wocky, it would produce an image and run the sequence. WOMBO app will produce a range of art styles and modify selected images, while the other software just creates in a surreal digital-photo style.

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