Asemic poems~chaotic lines 2 &3

“How can the sound paradoxer be distinguished from the false paradoxer?”


Nobody knows how they swarm,

except those to whom they naturally resort.

They are in all ranks and occupations,

of all ages and characters.


They are very earnest people,

and their purpose is bona fide,

the dissemination of their paradoxes.


A great many –

the mass, indeed –

are illiterate,

and a great many waste their means,

and are in or approaching penury.

These discoverers despise one another.


Created using a number of online text, including “Elements of Arithmetic”  1830 by Augustus De Morgansource  Project Gutenberg.

5 thoughts on “Asemic poems~chaotic lines 2 &3

  1. I have to say these lines are less chaotic than usual – they’re quite profound, as a whole and in themselves – leading me to wonder if your asemic texts are rapidly nearing the end phase of the infinite monkey theorem trajectory, id est making sense.

    1. elmediat

      In my creativity/boredom/holding on to sanity, I have spontaneously decided to try more orderly chaos & disorderly butterly sky wings theory.

    2. elmediat

      I combined our conversation to generate a new Dada composition. It is posted on Asemic Tarot, Asemic Tarot Postcards – inner dialogues.

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