portrait of a glitch

A modified screen capture of a glitchy transition headshot from a YouTube video.


6 thoughts on “portrait of a glitch

    1. elmediat

      Much better, but still not 100% – throat still a bit rough & occasional coughing. Meanwhile, we have light snow ! Below normal temps, by weekend above normal temperatures of 16 Celsius.

    2. elmediat

      Have not been too active on the blogs. The post-covid congestion hung on and turned into a sinus infection. Now I am on antibiotics.
      Have also been preparing to shut down my Twitter account, if things get too crazy. Have had the Mastodon account since April, and will be fine with it. Friday will could be a Grim Day – Twitter firings will start. Some are wondering if the remaining 50% of the workers can keep the Twitter infrastructure from crashing. We will see how bad it actually gets.

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