oven pan abstract 108jt


4 thoughts on “oven pan abstract 108jt

  1. Another abstract that needs a good scrub to reveal the shiny oven pan underneath – you need more kitchen staff to deal with the accumulated backlog of more than 108 pans. A panjam perhaps?

      1. It’s very different, certainly, but I’m interacting in small doses at the moment—it’s tricky keeping a foot in both camps but I’m muting every unpleasant tweeter I get in my feed, mostly provocative individuals followed by tweeters I respect who follow them so as to take issue with their unpleasant tweets.

      2. elmediat

        I couldn’t face the toxic crud. By the end I was mostly helping folks with questions about Mastodon. A small number were very frustrated with changing – they just wanted their old Twitter back, with Musk gone, or a another platform replicating exactly what they wanted.
        The flow of art, photography, and information on Mastodon now, pretty much matches what I had on bird. 🙂

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