The Asemic Tarot – new Blog

Asemic Tarot cards are distinctive in non-being. There is no accurate meaning/interpretation for any card, nor is there any formal layout. The ranking is capricious, as is the size and shape; they do not fit any standard. The names are a blend of real and alternative languages using a mix of cultures and symbols.

I have created a new blog, Asemic Tarot. As the title suggests, it will feature just Asemic Tarot compositions and related work. I considered deleting all Tarot posts on this blog, but considering likes & comments, it was simpler to create a home page on the new blog that had links to all the Tarot posts. All future Asemic Tarot compositions will be on the new blog – Asemic Tarot 20 has been posted.


To be honest, I almost gave up in frustration -WordPress does not make it easy to initiate & navigate a new blog. I may have missed some (hidden) icon/step – whatever it was, it took me a very long time to get things going. I will, no doubt, have to rejig layout & links in the near future.



As a reminder, and for those unfamiliar with my other blogs, here are their links:

Dark Pines Media – my 1st blog, started when I was teaching. It was concerned with Media Literacy, the teaching of the subject, and the societal impact of Mass Media. I still sporadically post on this blog. *** When I first set this up, there was a great foof-rah about teachers having blogs & students accessing blogs at school. Shortly after my wife & I retired, the school had a Twitter account – staff members had been using Facebook to organize Alumni Events for some time.


Dark Pines Photo – photography and creative expression blog, that has come to concentrate on photography & monochrome photography. My earliest experiments in collage scanography & digital art can be found here, along with experiments in poetry & fantasy/weird fiction.




Kanski Zoo – a blog set up by wife, that we share. It features photos of our pets & travels around the Elliot Lake area.


Asemic Tarot – unlike the other blogs, this one opens on the home page, which has background for newcomers. Most of the links are to pages on Implied Spaces.

My wife organized & runs a community theatre group for Special Needs community members. Due to Covid, it is presently on pause – you can view photos, and learn more about them at their blog – Elliot Lake Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers.

Hope you find this of interest. Let me know if there are any glitches on the new blog, or the others for that matter. Many Thanks. JPK

the beloved bluebirds

The Beloved Bluebirds,

behind a high iron gate –

hidden bodies,

or windless drapes ~


cupboards of today –

no little voice rooms

to tempt dark recesses

locked with creeping ivy ~


except ~ instead ~ the stomach cavity,

also, the roof, stare,

hanging on foggy snores,

deep buried canals ~


pull it out now,

a shiny key to tempt

his mind,


a suburban semi,

maybe longer,

beloved at night,

needs replacing now –

encircled by not-quite-matching stones



maybe an end-of-terrace

crumbling castle,

patched up red brick,

like wet sheets –



listening to well-meaning autumn,

that beloved succubus,

on a chest

burning up

in consciousness’s dark crypt ~



rhythmic wild acid streams,

hemmed in heaviness,

oh-I-know-your-mind ~ they’re here now.

This composition derives from Constance Bourg’s poem Suburban Succubus. When I first started reading the piece, I was listening to jazz & blues. I misread Bluebeards as Bluebirds.  I went back over the poem in proper context of the first line, but then I returned to the Bluebirds image, and stared reconfiguring the images & lines of the original poem.

My version became an echo of the first, still holding on to the Gothic dream atmosphere.  The accompanying images are a mix of older pieces that first appeared on Dark Pines Photo, and specific collage compositions  created for this post.

Hope you enjoy this post. Please check The original post on Constance’s blog, Tender Rebellion, as well as her other posts of collages & poetry. Thanks Constance for your work and inspiration.



Dadaist Detective – The Piano Antioxidant Case

Era private eye ovulates piano antioxidant – sensation pauses similar lino, a sequel memento, pistachio soprano aims pallid dell’s dysphagia – ill mare sighs pretzel Esperanza in iambic; nil transistorized Shavuot, chill camaraderie, assorts em slowly, chiffon rave a still problem – deity cumulus nimbi.


The Isotherm hacks railed slothfully, and without patter aloud, until that Moll, bearing on the pokers of the bazooka the scurvy, broadened into strife; in the empirical respite, the wainscotting, absented and slouching, he cocked the cultivated putrefaction.


Issuance had railed sloughly, and without paucity alluvial, until that moulter, a pioneer above the bazaar polarimeter, the scutum breached into flamingos; in the emporial respite, the waistband, absolved and slouchy, foundered the rebirth of the cumshaw.


An explanation & apology.

I was looking through 66 Experiments by Charles Bernstein,   a list  of different creative writing exercises. I decided to play with several of these.


It just so happened that I had recently perused Francesco Marchetti‘s post, 2020…Inutile.  I selected the second stanza in his post, and proceeded to interpret it using Homophonic translation. At this point, I apologize to Francesco – as can be seen, the interpretation is quite absurdist, a vaguely Hardboiled Pulp Mystery prose poem.

My next step was to use online software to create a lexical translation. I used 2 different translation systems. The results were not exactly identical.


It had rained slowly and without pause almost until that moment,

beating on the poles of the beach the sea broke into strips;

in the empty restaurant the waiter, absorbed and slow,

he coded the cumulonimbus puzzle.


It had rained slowly and without pauses almost until that moment,

piping above the beach poles the sea broke into flaps;

in the empty restaurant the waiter, absorbed and slow,

fracted the rebus of the cumulonimbus.

I then decided to do a 7 up substitution for each of the translations. To make it interesting, I chose 2 different dictionaries. The first translation went through a substitution using Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary & Thesaurus (2004). For the second translation, I used Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 5th ed (1948).

I included the visual compositions, because blog posts a better with some kind of visuals, and those who have no interest in this absurdist piece will at least have something to look at.  Thanks to all for your patience. More on Charles Bernstein.


blog comments – an alternative reality


As a result, a burning cameo … like him, like White Vision Cacophony, trolled us all. But even if we were responsible for the comments downloaded from Beth, any particle acceleration is vexatious; we still had Ealizz-ab-apparition, an ancient apex insect flyer. Bring on the spherical organisms & play that Ichthyosporea and Pluriformea Beat !!!



I now and finally accept all the ideas you introduced to Hora as truth! I gave courage to yogourt. Furthermore, I am really convincing and reading your Starlight and Stridulations box definitely – serves as a forerunner of the bog quilt paradox. However, the posts are very short for Möbius beginners with a foreign atmosphere on 4 Form and Voids. Please take some time after that ? Yoga Tank is a humble two-week text post. As always, Angel Over-paste walks amongst us.