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As a result, a burning cameo … like him, like White Vision Cacophony, trolled us all. But even if we were responsible for the comments downloaded from Beth, any particle acceleration is vexatious; we still had Ealizz-ab-apparition, an ancient apex insect flyer. Bring on the spherical organisms & play that Ichthyosporea and Pluriformea Beat !!!



I now and finally accept all the ideas you introduced to Hora as truth! I gave courage to yogourt. Furthermore, I am really convincing and reading your Starlight and Stridulations box definitely – serves as a forerunner of the bog quilt paradox. However, the posts are very short for Möbius beginners with a foreign atmosphere on 4 Form and Voids. Please take some time after that ? Yoga Tank is a humble two-week text post. As always, Angel Over-paste walks amongst us.

Time Flux photo portrait – Caryatid

flux photo – portrait,

Time Flux Photo – Portrait Time,

Time’s fleeting arrow,

in flux,

forms a portrait:





Close up

Close up.




Abergavenny abstract –


Bad neighbours

Building –

Design Doors Gate.

Good neighbours

Landscape Miscellany.

nature Pillar Portals

Reblog Reflections


Sculpture shadows,

Signs Skyline,

skyscape Stone heads.

Storage Street life – Uncategorized vista,

Walk water Whimsy Window.

Sources & Inspiration


To begin with, how I came to be running amok with Caryatids and other imagery – it is Christopher Lovegrove’s fault. Chris has two blogs, Calmgrove (Literature & Culture) and My New Shy (photography) . While checking out some of his recent photography posts, I was in the process of commenting on the post, Caryatid, when I noticed that the list of blog categories formed a set of imagist lines, found poetry.

I set out to copy the words & construct a sequence, I ended up acquiring some extra text from the blog post. For some reason, these words doubled up, a Dadaist gift.  I had recently posted one of my visual pieces on Twitter, “flux – portrait “, and hashtag title set off the opening lines of this piece. Besides incorporating a screen capture from Chis’ post, I reworked a number of own compositions to illustrate the lines. I also used some images from Flikr Commons  

Arc de Diane, Cahors- 1891

pg 198 – The general catalogue of Jacobson-co (1915)

Abergavenny, Holy Mountain 1890 – 1900.

Female Caryatid statue -Henry Hering 1919


clock faces

I grabbed a screenshot of part of this blog. It included a segment of my Twitter Feed , which shows up on the blog as a photo grid. The segment included the post, Two Sisters, Two Friends ,from Katherine Griffiths’s blog, Photobooth Journal.

I processed the image, blending it with abstracts that were created using some of my oven pan shots. My browser has a steampunk theme, hence the clock & rusted graphics that are incorporated into the composition. The clock-face, faces, distorted text, and mixed textures becomes a spiral of passing time & memory.

The composition is an example of the Necro-media principle – Mass Media will consume other mass media for content & context. In this case, a digital reproduction a photobooth portrait passes through Katherine’s blog to her Twitter feed , and then is re-tweeted on my feed.

The screenshot of part of my blog then becomes content for the composition. Mass Media is captured, devoured/processed as new content in another form, and then becomes content for still another media form, when the new composition becomes part of another blog post. If/when this blog post becomes part of a tweet, it becomes content.

Social Media turns it into the  Ouroboros , devouring itself in a spiralling cycle of re-tweets, shares, memes, blog posts, mentions, likes, and shares. Memory and context constantly being reconstructed & re-imagined in new forms & new meaning. Those elderly ladies sitting together in that photobooth, some 40-50 plus years ago, never imagined that their memento would traverse time, space, multiple mass media –  becoming part of an implied space of mass media technology, changing social norms, and art.

Ouroboros eats

tale – regurgitates self,

meaning memory.

faces in the library



the lady observes a poem

in the faces


those fellow lives

occupying the library –


we all keep

shifting s(h)elves,

our narratives

slipping from fact to fiction,

blending genres

in the phrases

of  our  lives.



This piece arose as a response to  Claudia McGill’s poem & art post, Participants in the Parade Present Themselves. My accompanying images  are from posts on my Dark Pines Photo blog.  Clicking the images will open those posts in new tabs.