Dadaist Poem 1 – formica kisses of no consequence

You can categorize it as a jungle; I won’t add Ultra twice too, but I’m not against losing hives and rose thorns. Let me explain how it spreads – Context Spreads an elaborate species of umbrella within a lumber birthing incitement. You are a cursed box-kite [ Her advance summarizes a cube ] – guarantee ideology, beliefs, and values that reminds you of vice-grips, dories, and cerements – Mass Media constructs Reality as A Derivative wrecks the Unconscious behind the attended mauve doom-scape.


Raise fingers to continue. Prove that you have a personal leadership role – smell conflict in deleted memories of dreams. I want to stand up for adults – duck shadows inform different basement water, But do the Opposite. I really want me to Converge Configured Guitars and Banjo Sambas – jello petunias pertain to the definition of uncertainty. This creates profound nullity. Society must escape. Society is the jailer. Society is the tailor. Yarn is civil disobedience. Yarn is a fiction. All fiction is Truth. Truth inflicts pain. Pain is societal. Against the evidence of an experimental mix of woven fevers; I want to stand up for Adi tribe architecture – paradox planters reveal Truth. Advertising Claims and Emotional Appeals must cross at the Intersection.  The Intersection is Jargon. Jargon is speeding Consumerism. Jargon is jarring. Jargon is abused Truth bruised.



He was impatient, thwarting shirting, skittle-skattled shackles – vernacular conversion produces evangelical phonemes – Knot twice upwards with clauses. So what can I tell you? Rule I – vintage seconds contribute reversed groans in seaside plenitudes. I want to stop ABC – utters an asserted whistle. I contribute smoking GUN with Moon River God – Calculus Wyrms wander over Wyrd bat glow. The undisputed iron league leggings conflicts embroidery splurge communion property … for example, nothing. Confirmed pedal changes over the rainbow because of our expression phrased; I’ll write a little on your sharp sign and tell you the last reason – suite children suffer concert vectors when precipitating percolating arithmetic behind barn doors. Plus Minus Plus Minus Product Solution What I do with it is that I show it in a real way (place hyphen HERE)  cat paws protocol moans dance exposure. Advertising sells Needs, not Products. Products Products Products Pro Ducks (place hyphen HERE) Quacks Products Products





The trifle confuses a casual wood. Our wrath freezes futon bamboo galaxies in viral expressions, expression compresses cicada subordination – And a total of 31 healthy sex workers are tempered in sunshine archways, peculiar secular punditry implodes seashell mentality at brunch … Our wrath freezes a small breviary of glove gluttony; I use my knife to present the life novel in this new form – formica kisses called on the attention of the apiarian. For me, sir wattles meteor wants ravioli to stop – kangaroo visions of fatigued yachts. I have wings – Shown in print, strings in starlight slip past perturbed politicians reciting poetry to broken stoneware and spoons. Spoonerisms Spoonerisms Spoonerisms  Cork in the Toad Knot Spoonerisms Hyperbole Hyperbole Hyperbole

Found poems in mashed up book titles


Found poems in mashed up book titles

(by way of Twitter)






The phantom tollbooth,

coming of age





20 love poems


a song of Despair,

George’s marvellous medicine.









with Kurt Vonnegut,












what remains,












The Lobster,

The Cricket in Times Square,

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas,


The unbearable lightness


being bridge