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The Woman in Red and The Mandala Murders Mystery

Episode One

The Woman in Red

solves the Mandala Murders

with Scarlet Bullets!

Episode Two

See Secrets Revealed –

The lawyer hides seven ancestors.

Crimson Shadows Stalk!


Episode Three

Vermilion Night Dread !

The hero is determined,

Death orbits tangents.

The Woman in Red first appeared in the period known to comic book historians as the Golden Age of Comic Books. Created by writer Richard E. Hughes and artist George Mandel, she first appeared in Thrilling Comics #2 (March 1940), published by Nedor Comics. She is considered the first masked female comic book crime fighting hero.

I started playing with some collage scans, my digital art pieces, a couple of digital copies of illustrations from these early comics. Considering the sequence, I thought they could easily be illustrations for old Saturday Serial Matinee posters  or for weekly advertisements for a  Golden Age Radio Show. I created episode title-taglines using the 3 line haiku structure to accompany each composition.

The Woman in Red never had a chance to cross over into other popular forms of mass media; she didn’t even earn her own comic book title. This post presents artifacts from a what-if-history, that in a small way, corrects this lost opportunity.

Godlike Machines Print Asemic Messages


Godlike Machines Print Asemic Messages – s/ending a tempest of typography & ideograms across contextual tears in the thoughts of the amassing multitude of Mass Media Consumers. Projectiles of Factoids whispering exclamation points directed at the wireless aether screens tableted in New Improved Mesmerizing Memorialized Memes – Get Ye-or’s Today, while quantities last ! – conspiratorial corners congregate around virtual truths hiding from the glare of Factual Accounts.

Discordant Cubomania – Archaeologist Excavating Magazine Cover

Notes from Archaeologist’s Journal

Pie is replacement praise – dress is a squid?

A fashionable girl is a hem’s electron,

at a shop where she got married.

Wrong flour chapel;

Who is Georgia Circle*;

who is that?

If leash (refresh)?

The zone of Madonna –

Dashiki in the south.


Xerox not in ancient times?

Chemical jasmine: Royalty.

Forbidden City –

The image is a person

(it is not sown wax).

“There is no before.”